Custom Software

Fully-custom software suited to your tastes.

Custom Software for Servers, Desktops, and More

We make custom software for Linux & UNIX servers, desktops, integrated devices, and pretty much anything else that runs the languages we focus on. We are committed to creating one-of-a-kind software that suits your business or hobby and makes your workflow more efficient. Our software engineers are very familiar with the requirements of cloud infrastructure and servers, which gives us the ability to deliver fine-tuned software that runs excellent on many different systems.

Whether you are looking for enterprise-class software for your server environment or you want super stable software for your Raspberry Pi, we can help bring your idea to life.

Rock Solid Software

We are committed to solid software, we don’t believe in releasing incomplete and buggy versions of our software. Our software is written from the ground up with stability in mind, because nobody likes crashes. The average user is expecting a fluid experience free from bugs and crashes, and that is what we deliver. All of our releases have been extensively bug tested by us, as well as third-party testing companies.

Don’t let crashes and spins ruin your software. We make exceedingly stable software that keeps your downtime low and your users happy.